Reduced price! ONTARIO, "MODEL 1":  Berlin 01/ Soft  017 white - eco leather, stitched into the fabric color, left side View larger





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Information about the product:

  • You can select the type and color of fabric
  • sofa can be done in one, two or three colours
  • foam of sufficient buoyancy
  • sleep function
  • springs: wave
  • easy unfolding and folding 
  • container for bedding (with automat)
  • right or left side
  • waga: 171kg
  • the method for resolving: "DL" - automatic (click here) 

Fabrics samples:

1st and 2nd group fabrics:

 - Lana

 - Sawana

 - Nubuk

 - Mura

3rd group fabrics, surcharge £16:

 - SOFT faux leather

 - Berlin

 - Inari

 - Doti

 - Elefant

 - Jasmine

 - Ontario

 - Patterns

 - Toni

 - Toro

4th group fabrics, surcharge £50:

 - Orinoco

 - Portland

 - Bonn

 - Dora

 - Etna

 - Kongo

 - Monet

 - Nesna

 - Sawana Karo


Dimensions (cm)        




 as a sofa




as a bed







will be delivered in 4 packs of dimensions (cm):

200 x 30 x 50
200 x 120 x 50
100 x 70 x 40
140 x 100 x 50

The order made for this particular product until 01/11/2017 will be delivered until Christmas. We will do our best to ensure that your order placed after that date will be delivered to you until Christmas, but we can not guarantee it.

 The delivery time for this corner is:
- Up to 30 working days for the furniture designs shown in the photos
- Up to 40 working days when selecting fabric from the sampler



Payment in full is performed after the product is shipped to you, so you are assured of receiving what you order.



All our furniture are guaranteed for 12 months, including indentation on the sponge, cracking faux leather and fabric, hidden defects, etc.




Details concerning the delivery are situated in the section DELIVERY



Orders can be placed by
telephone: 07555 300 300
e-mail: kapi@kapi.me.uk




If you have questions or concerns will be happy to answer your question. We assist in the selection of fabrics and colors.


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